Sunday, August 22, 2010

For Pianist, Software Is Replacing Sonatas // Robert Taub's MuseAmi Creates Music Software, Even for iPad

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By James Barron

The pianist Robert Taub was puttering around the house one afternoon in 2004 while his teen-age daughter was practicing for a violin lesson — a Schubert sonatina in A minor. His assessment of her playing was diplomatic: “She needed to be reminded about notes and rhythms.”

What followed was a brainstorm that explains why Mr. Taub — who made his reputation playing two distinctly different B’s, Beethoven and Milton Babbitt — has put his performing on hold, and why “software entrepreneur” now tops his résumé.

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Improvox is Taub's new iPad application, which he developed when trying to teach his children music. (Source)

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