Friday, August 5, 2011

Art That Tells the Story // World Blog Tour

In order to invite people into the shared experience offered in his new book Art That Tells the Story, Chris Brewer decided to take the book on tour. However, this tour includes not book signings at your local bookstore but a series of stops around the blogosphere. Most recently, Art That Tells the Story was featured on the publication watch of our friends at DITA - Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts - and the next stop is on Jenni Simmons' blog Dreams of Genevieve.

Featuring a foreword by Makoto Fujimura, reflections by Michael Wittmer and work from 20 different artists, this book truly embodies the name of Brewer's project - Gospel Through Shared Experience. Following the contours of the Biblical narrative, the book carries the reader from creation to fall, redemption to consummation, combining exquisite visual art with reflections, poetry and Scripture. The many contributors, working through various media with different approaches, show that we all can be a part of telling the story of salvation history, that sharing the Gospel is not about reciting a historical account but about creating space within the story where all of God's children can inhabit it. This book does that beautifully, collaboratively and creatively.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love the concept of the tour .... Truly art for the masses.