Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Place to Worship, and to Jam, Shop and Feast

A wonderful little piece from The New York Times on the Lutheran Church of the Messiah in Brooklyn where rock 'n roll and the sacred have quite a comfortable overlap. Read an excerpt from the article below. The complete article is linked in red after the jump.
The mostly empty pews at the Lutheran Church of the Messiah spoke of a dying congregation. But as the 17 worshipers returned to their seats after communion on a recent Sunday, they faced a more encouraging symbol: guitars, keyboards and drums poking up from the choir loft, hinting at the church’s double life.

The instruments belong to two rock bands that, along with many other artists and local food enthusiasts, consider the church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a secular home.

“It’s a great reminder of the duality of the space,” said the Rev. Griffin Thomas, pastor of the church, gesturing at the instruments. “The creativity and the art nurtured here make the space more sacred and holy.”

Read this short article in full, here.

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