Monday, January 18, 2010

Faith & Healing in Words and Images: The first Sunday in Haiti since the earthquake

The New York Times reported from Port-au-Prince yesterday on the first Sunday church services after the earthquake. Read their article (excerpted below) and watch a 2-minute video which accompanies the article.

// Excerpt Below // Video Here // Full Article Here //

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Five days after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, an evangelical pastor in a frayed polo shirt, his church crushed but his spirit vibrant, sounded a siren to summon the newly homeless residents of a tent city to an urgent Sunday prayer service.

Voice scratchy, eyes bloodshot, arms raised to the sky, the Rev. Joseph Lejeune urged the hungry, injured and grieving Haitians who gathered round to close their eyes and elevate their beings up and out of the fetid Champ de Mars square where they now scrambled to survive.“Think of our new village here as the home of Jesus Christ, not the scene of a disaster,” he called out over a loudspeaker.

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