Saturday, January 2, 2010

Finding God in Abstract Expressionism

Here is a fascinating story on the "painting priest" by John Rogers for the Associated Press which has been making its way around the world's newspapers. Our link takes you to the homesite of the Monterey Herald, one of the first newspapers to pick up Rogers' story...

Excerpt Below // Full Article Here

There's no steeple out front, no rows of pews inside, not even so much as a crucifix on display.

Still, this cramped little art studio in the middle of what, until not very long ago, was a Pomona street with as many broken dreams as it has potholes, is the closest thing to paradise the Rev. Bill Moore has found. It's the place where the 60-year-old Catholic priest serves God by creating abstract paintings that he sells by the hundreds.

No ordinary preacher, Father Bill, as he's known throughout Pomona's fledgling arts district, long ago discarded his clerical collar in favor of a painter's smock. Only on Sundays does he trade it for holy vestments to deliver Mass at a local church or one of several detention facilities for young offenders.

All other times, Moore is head of the Ministry of the Arts for the West Coast branch of his religious order, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

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