Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Durham // Carole Baker's Installation: "The Confessional"

New Creation is happy to spread the word about an installation which we are very excited about: Carole Baker's The Confessional. It will run through March 14, 2010 at Golden Belt, in Room 100, and will have its opening reception on Friday, February 19th from 6-9 pm. Read the description of the exhibit from Baker below, and then take a few moments to explore her site by clicking here.

// Installation Description //

The Confessional will be a constructed environment which viewers will enter and have an opportunity to reflect on the notions of sin, acknowledgment, brokenness, and healing.

Confession is not solely a religious practice. Confession takes on many forms within both public and private settings. What becomes clear in looking at the various practices, however, is that regardless of the context such practices are crucial for healing and reconciliation. It is my hope that this exhibit will enable some form of healing for viewers, whether that take the form of forgiving oneself or one's "enemy."

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