Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movies, Religion, and Nothing Else // The Spirituality of Scorsese

A thought-provoking retrospective article concerning the religious and theological under/over-tones in Martin Scorsese's films went up recently on
Relevant. It's worth checking out as it will make you consider the famed Italian-American filmmaker's oeuvre anew.

Full Article Here // Excerpt Below

There’s been something lurking under the waters of Martin Scorsese’s films since the start of his career. It’s more prominent in some works than in others, but it’s always present. It’s not just his obvious filmmaking prowess. It’s not violence, drugs, sex or profanity. It’s not Italian-American life in New York City. It’s something bigger.

Few people know Scorsese planned to become a priest before pursuing film. Raised in a religious home, he attended Catholic school and spent a year in seminary. His life was once solely dedicated to the gospel.

And though it’s uncertain where his beliefs are today, it is clear he is still working through his faith. Scorsese’s movies have been a lucid autobiography of his convictions and his struggles. He once stated, "My whole life has been movies and religion. That’s it. Nothing else."

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