Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going Naked as a Sign // Jon Watts' "Clothe Yourself in Righteousness" Project

Clothe Yourself in Righteousness is a pretty interesting project that completed its fundraising just last month and is now in the production stage. Check out the video and/or brief description below, and "like" it on Facebook.

The Early Quakers (“Friends”, as they are often known) sought to break down the apathy of their countrymen, reminding them that Christianity began as a radical movement of action and personal commitment, now diluted by the rites, rituals and power dynamics of the modern church.

In order to make their point, Quakers often found themselves creating spectacles, such as interrupting a Sunday service in a large Anglican Church to loudly debate the theology of the church with the presiding pastor. Such behavior was often rewarded with arrest, and many Early Friends spent time in jail, sometimes losing their lives and often losing their property or other valuable resources.

After reading a research paper for the Earlham School of Religion by his friend Maggie Harrison, Jon Watts decided to dedicate his creative energy to exploring "going naked as a sign", both literally and figuratively.

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