Monday, November 1, 2010

'Frank - The Voice' // Attempting to capture the spirit of Sinatra

Full Article Here // Excerpt Below

By Michiko Kakutani

He provided the soundtrack for several generations of Americans trying to navigate the rocky shoals of romance and grapple with love and heartbreak. And he became one of 20th-century pop culture’s quintessential men of contradictions: the bullying tough guy whose singing could radiate a remarkable tenderness and vulnerability; the ring-a-ding-ding Vegas sophisticate with an existential outlook on life; the jaunty urbanite who could deliver a torch song like no one else. Fans could recognize his voice from two or three perfectly phrased syllables, and they knew him instantly from his style: the rakishly tilted hat, the coat slung over one shoulder, the Camels and Jack Daniel’s. He was the original teeny-bopper heartthrob and the harbinger of a new age of celebrity.

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