Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks Through The Arts // Poetry, Music, Design, Literature, Sculpture and more

Bono once commented upon the irony, as he accepted a Golden Globe award for best song for The Hands That Built America which his band composed for the film Gangs of New York, that "it took an Italian (Martin Scorsese) to make a great film about the Irish."

His quip popped into my head last week as our journey into the season of Thanksgiving (primarily a North American holiday) began and as I discovered an excellent series of posts focusing on Giving Thanks Through The Arts as a way to celebrate Thanksgiving - created and written by the blog Transpositions (of the Scottish university St. Andrews).

While I realize that many of their advanced students are originally from The States, I did find the irony humorous nonetheless. And whether or not you find these excellent posts to contain an element of irony, I am quite sure you'll agree that this series discussing gratitude and/via the arts is refreshing, thoughtful and rather inspiring. The separate posts in this series are listed, chronologically, below. Be sure to check out Transpositions over the coming days to see if more entries are published. And as a preface to these posts I am copying below (in italics) Jim Watkins' introductory statement which accompanied the first of these entries on November 15th. Enjoy! -- Leif

In the days leading up to the American holiday of Thanksgiving, the crew here at Transpositions are going to reflect on various ways that works of art can be a form of giving thanks. All art making, at a very fundamental level, revels in and draws attention to the ‘givenness’ of its materials, and so reminds us that gratitude is the human being’s basic response to the world. Happy Thanksgiving!

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