Thursday, December 9, 2010

Steve Martin Finds His Muse In 'An Object Of Beauty' // Martin's New Novel Explores the Art World

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Steve Martin is best known for his comedy, but he's also a writer, a Grammy-winning bluegrass artist — and a serious art collector. In his new novel, An Object of Beauty,

Martin channels an ambitious woman navigating her way up — and out of — the New York City art world.

Lacey Yeager, the art dealer anti-heroine of Martin's book, will do just about anything to get ahead in her field. Martin hasn't met her, exactly, but tells NPR's Tony Cox that he's met plenty of people like her.

Martin divides the world into two categories — the financial and artistic — with "different types of people" populating each domain. "Generally," Martin explains, "the artistic side of the world has people with more flamboyant personalities, or more uncategorizable personalities, and Lacey is certainly one of those people."

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