Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Glen Workshop 2010 // Creativity From The Margins: Art As Witness

Journey to Santa Fe this August (1-8) to meet up with other artists committed to a vision of art as a witness that changes the world. Read a synopsis below about The Glen Workshops for 2010, and follow this link to learn even more.

// Synopsis //

Each year at the Glen we choose a theme to give a focus to our conversations over the course of the week. For 2010 our theme is "Creativity at the Margins: Art as Witness."

In the postmodern, pluralistic era in which we live, Christianity no longer holds the privileged position in public discourse and institutions it once possessed. What are the implications of this de-centering for artists of faith? How might working from the cultural margins offer new creative challenges to those whose work embodies a profound engagement with this ancient religious tradition? Should the believing artist “shout” or “whisper” to this culture, speak in the prophetic voice or quietly hint at the presence of grace? As many believers become more ideological and shrill in their response to these cultural changes, what role can art play in bearing witness to faith while speaking honestly about the human condition?

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