Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday at Duke // "Futures of the Novel: An Open Roundtable"

An open roundtable on the theme "Futures of the Novel" will occur this Thursday (April 29) at 4pm in room 240 of the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute.

Visit the Institute's main page here, or read the excerpted information below to learn more about speakers, specific questions that will be engaged, etc.


Co-sponsored by the International Society for the Study of the Novel and the Franklin Humanities Institute In a roundtable format open to the public, five prominent scholars of the novel will present short position papers on the future of the novel as an object of study. These papers will address the following questions about the status of the novel and novel studies in the contemporary moment: Does the novel have a future in the age of new media, and what would that future be? What role does the study of the novel play in the modern university? What is the novel now? Panelists will read 5-7 minute position papers and then address questions and comments from the audience. A light reception will follow. Speakers: Carlos J. Alonso, Columbia // Jonathan Arac, Pittsburgh // Nancy Armstrong, Duke // Jennifer L. Fleissner, Indiana // Simon Gikandi, Princeton // Moderator: Ian Baucom, Duke // Questions? email

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