Friday, May 7, 2010

Aluminum Foil People Get Super-Sized // Guerilla Art and Stress Relief at Duke

Photo by Matt Lyons, Trinity '10

You may have seen the 6-inch-tall tinfoil people who crop up around campus periodically--sometimes swinging from a tree branch on the Chapel quad, other times dancing along near a stairwell in the Bryan Center. This past week, these figures apparently got hold of some aluminum steroids and grew to human-sized proportions.

These tin(wo)men have been popping up all over Duke for years. They are wonderfully whimsical and creative, enough to take the edge off any exam-related stress--if you're paying enough attention to notice them. Perhaps whoever made these large people felt the pain of the first-year M.Div. students this finals week and wanted to make sure they wouldn't be missed.

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