Monday, May 24, 2010

Calling Field Ed Students! Submit Photos, Stories, Poetry, Art, etc.!

* Take a cool picture at your field ed placement?
* Have a story about something neat that happened in a worship service?
* Write a poem reflecting on some aspect of your experience?
* Preach a sermon you'd like to share?
* Have an interaction with a parishioner or client that struck you?
* Got ideas about how the topic of theology and the arts can apply to everyday work in churches and nonprofits?
* Meet a talented parishioner or client whose story you/they want to share?

The New Creation Arts blog is seeking input from more DDS students! If you have any photos, stories, poetry, art, music, sermons, anything you want to share related to theology and/or the arts from your field ed experience, bring it on! Hit up Sarah Howell on Facebook or via email (

The NCAG blog is designed to operate along two axes (that's the plural of "axis," not a lumberjack reference): the first with theology on one end and the arts on the other; the second with Duke-related stories on one end and world events on the other. The hope is that the blog can report and archive a broad range of stories, hopefully with a good deal of overlap, that fall all along those spectrums. Having more Div students contribute will only enrich it further!!

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