Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kids' Songs from the Hebrew Scriptures // Justin Roberts' "Why Not Sea Monsters?"

At the end of April, we posted a NY Times article about Justin Roberts, a kiddie rocker whose songs range from the ridiculous to the serious. Little did we know, Justin has a whole CD based on a Bible. Why Not Sea Monsters?: Songs from the Hebrew Scriptures features songs like "Giddy Up Gideon," "Just a Giant" and "Moses Thought It Odd." Here's a brief description from Roberts' website:

We'd like to dispel a few rumors about this CD. Yes, the songs are based on stories from Hebrew Scriptures (aka: The Old Testament). And yes, the music contains all of Justin's trade-mark wit, warmth and catchy hooks. Contrary to popular belief, however, Justin has not changed his name to "Sol Robertstein." At no time does Justin utter the words "schlemiel" or "schlimazel." And while Justin still enjoys Seinfeld, he doesn't really get Jackie Mason.

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