Sunday, June 6, 2010

Exotic Isle for Artists, Right in City // NYC's Governors Island

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When New York City artists plan their workdays, they usually don’t have to factor in a ferry boat.

Then again, they usually don’t have studio space on Governors Island, either.

But since March, 24 visual artists and 4 performing groups have been making art in a former munitions storehouse there, rising early to catch one of the first ferries from Manhattan for workers on the island (they start running at 6:45 a.m.) and then rushing at the end of the day to catch the last boat, at 5 p.m. But the bankers’ hours have their compensations.

“I’ve never had a cannon out my window,” said Birgit Rathsmann, who is making a series of abstract computer compositions incorporating quotations from the likes of Wittgenstein and Johnny Cash that will be installed on the ferry’s upper deck this summer.

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