Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Local Musician Speaks Out for Compassion // Visiting a Sponsored Child in El Salvador

Local musician Gary Mitchell uses the tagline "Music with a Message." Whether he is playing in a coffeeshop or bar, performing at the Ronald McDonald House or leading worship at Orange United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill, Gary is dedicated to using good music to bring smiles to people's faces and to spread a simple message: "You are not alone. God made you, God loves you, and Jesus Christ can change your life if you trust him."

Drawing on a background of drums, percussion, guitar, piano and classical voice, Gary is always looking for new ways to use his talents to help others and to further God's kingdom. So it is no surprise that after sponsoring two children for several years through Compassion International, Gary recently joined Compassion's Artist and Speaker Network. Compassion provides associated performers with materials for promoting the organization and encouraging awareness of poverty in the world; the first person Gary was able to bring into the fold as a sponsor came forward at a show at Hope Cafe--check out this blog post about the spot.

Gary's recent experience of traveling to El Salvador to meet Karen (on a group tour sponsored by Compassion) gave him even more motivation to support the organization. Here's a snippet from his blog reflecting on the trip:

"Compassion International is a real life miracle that is changing lives and communities all over the world, attacking poverty with the redemptive love of God. If you’ve ever been slapped in the face with the true depth of affluence and privilege you have, been compelled to do something to help others and then come up short to find a way to make a real difference, I encourage you---I beg you with all that I can; find a way to free up 38 dollars a month and join me in helping this outstanding organization battle child poverty."

To get a taste of Gary's experience meeting Karen, check out the video below, or click here to read his complete blog about Compassion and the trip to El Salvador.

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