Monday, June 21, 2010

A Tender Tome of Art and Heart // An Artisan's Book Tells the History of Goyard

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By Suzy Menkes

"A pair of white-gloved hands opens the mini-trunk and lifts, with the utmost tenderness, an object swaddled inside.

What is this hidden treasure about to be revealed? The case has the chevron pattern that the cognoscenti would recognize as Goyard, the luggage maker, whose trunks stand like sentinels around the walls of its Paris store.

Is it one of the house’s playful dog bowls, a luxury pet accessory that the French company first produced in 1890?

Or maybe this package is the brand new Goyard handbag, a variation on the zippered cat bag that stylish women have been buying not for their kittens, but for themselves?

But this object is nothing less than a bible of luxury — not so much a book as a work of art and heart."

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