Monday, October 25, 2010

Found in Translation (Part 3) // How the author of "The Hours" learned to write for his reader, not himself

Back in September, New Creation brought you the first two installments of an on-going series of posts exploring literary translation. These first two posts were comprised of interviews with Charlotte Mandell and Esther Allen. Now comes a third installment by way of Michael Cunningham's Op/Ed. Enjoy! -- Leif

Full Article Here // Excerpt Below

AS the author of “Las Horas,” “Die Stunden” and “De Uren” — ostensibly the Spanish, German and Dutch translations of my book “The Hours," but actually unique works in their own right — I’ve come to understand that all literature is a product of translation. That is, translation is not merely a job assigned to a translator expert in a foreign language, but a long, complex and even profound series of transformations that involve the writer and reader as well. “Translation” as a human act is, like so many human acts, a far more complicated proposition than it may initially seem to be.

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