Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beyond Indie // Canadian Band Arcade Fire

Full article here // Excerpt below

By Jon Pareles

ONE July morning, the seven members of the Arcade Fire and a handful of their employees were assembled on the patio of the elegant Hôtel le Germain-Dominion here, awaiting their tour bus amid haphazardly piled luggage and instrument cases. When Chantal Vaillancourt, a band assistant who has worked for the Arcade Fire since 2006, arrived to join them, they burst into “Happy Birthday” while she grinned and blushed. The song started out as cheerfully ragged as any gathering of a dozen friends might sound. But not for long: by the last line it had become a ringing, full-fledged chorale, in hymnlike four-part harmony. These friends are, above all, musicians.

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