Thursday, July 1, 2010

Member of a Local Church Recognized in Paste Magazine // Brett Harris and the Gathering Church

The Gathering Church in Chapel Hill is a hot spot of artistic and musical talent. Their music director, Jeff Crawford, is a musician in his own right and is also a producer at his home studio, Arbor Ridge Studios. Among the list of clients at his studio is another Gathering Church member, Brett Harris. Brett was recently featured in Paste Magazine's "Best of What's Next." Check it out below.

Full article here // Excerpt below

By Corey Humphress

"Brett Harris’ early musical education was a basic one: He grew up in a small town in Virginia in a house with bunch of Beatles records and a piano that his mother played on Sundays. And after listening to his debut LP, Man of Few Words (out now), his background is hardly surprising."

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Brett's debut album is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon mp3 and CDBaby.

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