Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The World as Our Studio // Dedicated to Socially Responsible Design Since 1993

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By Ernest Beck

The website for Worldstudio, a New York-based design and marketing firm, proudly proclaims its dedication to promoting “lasting social and environmental changes” through design. Worldstudio, the site says, can help corporations “connect their marketing goals with strategies for corporate social responsibility.” Those core values are certainly part of the Worldstudio story, but social change isn’t the firm’s only business. Consider its logo and signage for a Mexican restaurant in Munich and packaging for a high-end tea company. The reality, says Worldstudio co-principal Mark Randall, is that these clients “pay part of the bills” in a multifaceted company whose client roster includes for-profit corporations, nonprofits and a nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting social-change initiatives.

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