Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Painting as Politics // A Studio Visit with Kainebi Osahenye

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By Antawan I. Bird

Kainebi Osahenye has developed a reputation as one of the most significant artists living and working in Nigeria today. [...] Osahenye’s studio is filled with used paint tubes, water bottles, beverage cans, and other forms of detritus that the artist has been incorporating into much of his recent work. He is fascinated by the global implications of such commodity objects, and the ways in which they can be appropriated to add a sculptural dimension to his painting practice. “I am interested in the layers that these objects create — both formally and symbolically,” he said. “Life is about layers, about what is added-on and what can be taken away. This is something that I try to remain conscious about as I develop my practice.”

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